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The Post-Punk / New Wave Super Friends by Butcher Billy

Who are your heroes?

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This is the best thing that was ever made so just turn off the planet now because we can all go home. Thank you, it’s been a great show.

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When I see a bug in my room


This guy is a classic

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When someone says that they don’t like cheese


I’m just sayin

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Downtown Canton, let’s move on. I’ve got a new idea.

Well now. A few of you have been asking for the update/ ending of this minor debacle so here it comes. 

Let me go ahead and fill in a few more details as to why I was so underwhelmed by the two entities I was ranting about. Maybe if I put the timeline together you guys will see how a (very) small business owner can feel dismissed or ignored but ultimately inspired to make changes and find her own solution to some things lacking in our fair city. 

So you know from reading the first installment that I was set off by being left out of a nifty little app that was launched by Arts in Stark. Admittedly, I am not an art-focused business. However, neither is George’s Lounge, Heggy’s Candys, Crew Night Club, Mary Ann Donuts; the Desert Inn is 6 blocks further away than I am from the Arts District. Most of the art galleries listed don’t have regular business hours; they are basically there for First Friday. And why isn’t the Auricle listed on this app? Seriously. 

Alright, so the rant starts with being confused as to why I was the only business on my block of 3 businesses that was not mentioned.  But really, it goes back a few months to May. I sent an email introducing myself to Arts in Stark; letting them know that I was involved with First Friday in 2007 when I had Smitten and what my intent was for the upcoming FF (how it would tie in to their theme). I composed this email with a welcome, an introduction, a couple paragraphs and a closing and then included a link to my website. What I got back was beyond ridiculous. Here it is cut/pasted from the exact email, the only thing that has been edited is the title & contact info. You know, I don’t need a libel suit. 


 May 10
to me



Can I ask exactly where your shop is located?





330-453-1075 x*** 


ArtsinStark - Kids. Jobs. Communities.

Really??? REALLY? WOW. Just wow. Maybe you can click the link? Maybe you can see who and what I am? Maybe you can look at the map that is on my website? Apparently…maybe not. Sorry to bother you. If I was a more sensitive soul or someone very new to business or not used to dealing with bad customer service, I might have been heartbroken. Chagrined even. A couple of emails followed that lackluster response and then boom, I’m in. You know from the last post how the rest of that went. But let me back up even further. This time will involve the Chamberpot. 

I have a Twitter account for Loulou in Hollywood. I follow a great guy who goes by DowntownCanton and he is billing himself as simply a downtown enthusiast. He’s just a guy, like he tweeted to me after he broke the news of the app, who reports the scoop.  

GET THIS: sometime this past winter, not too long after I opened, maybe Feb or something, Downtown Canton man came in to see the shop and take a picture, which he then tweeted to his 800 followers. Thanks man! That was awesome. Anyway, while he was checking out the shop, he told me he was next door at Thatsa Wrapp with his wife and he saw I was open, so he decided to pop in and have a look. He asked a few questions, I gave him my career history, etc. His wife never did stop in. But guess what? His wife works for the Chamber. Yep. She’s the one who responded at 10pm about my recent blog post and offered to meet. She is in charge of PR and marketing at the Chamber. 

Am I just a little surprised that this man came in but his wife, who is involved with the PR and marketing at Chamber of Commerce, did not? Oh hell yes I am. And I am surprised that she wanted to meet after reading that rant….not to see what the Chamber can do with their tired ass business model that alienates not just me but a few of my fellow small business owners? Oh hell no. She kindly offered to get me involved in promotions. Fine.

And let’s not forget all the offers I have received to join their organization. I feel a little confused. On one hand, I tell myself there are tons of businesses of all sizes in Canton, there can’t just be a focus on Downtown or small shops. On the other hand, stop bugging me to pay you if you can’t do anything measureable or visible to increase my business. See what I mean? That’s a little insulting. And not exactly budget-friendly when you are just starting out in your own business. 

I cancelled our meeting because I realized that what I had in mind was definitely not what they had in mind. What I thought would be helpful was a powwow with these two reps of Downtown Canton happenings to improve their systems of communication with new businesses. 

I got a detailed email from Jess at the Chamber and she told me how to get my business up on the Downtown Canton site and list any specials for events I wanted to post. That’s awesome. Why couldn’t that have been done months ago? Better late than never? Maybe. But in my business, I only get one chance to make a great impression. And my livelyhood depends on it. People don’t want to pay if the service sucks, and/or if the provider is dismissive. Hear that AIS/Chamber? 

These organizations dropped the ball on a couple of occassions. That’s no mistake or busy day. That’s just crap customer service. My business lives and dies by timely, friendly client communication, and making each and every client feel special, welcome and wanted. That is why I am having such a fit.  I work my ass off to stay in business, and I brought my business to downtown Canton on purpose. Maybe those whose job it is to promote downtown could treat their clients a lot better, hm? 

To that end, I am a lady who gets miffed, fed up, rants, and then solves the problem.  I will be relaunching a little venture that was just a bit ahead of it’s time. Now that Facebook is taking a dive and screwing with Pages and everybody is pretty much jumping ship to Twitter, it’s time to move on. There is no good way for people to find your business on FB unless they know about you already and they cannot put you on a list, say, of good places for unique gifts or drop in yoga classes. They have to already know they want to do/buy what you offer. So, the buzzword for the day is HYPERLOCAL. Get it in your head. It’s what’s next, if not what is already going on in most of the larger cities. 

I am redeveloping a more fleshed out community bulletin board that will allow businesses and indie retailers (ie candle/food/jewelry party ladies) and independent contractors to network meaningfully and encourage cross-promotional opportunities. Along with that, I will be asking you cool kids who are in the know to post the goings-on of Stark County: marathons, fun runs, kids events, spiritual/church events, food co-ops, concerts, handyman and daycare recommendations, petting zoos, dance or exercise classes, you name it. I want it listed. If you have a blog or have wanted to be the gal/guy about town or would like to write food reviews, bar reviews, salon reviews, DO IT. There will be room for any and all who make up Stark County on there to share their information. And all of this will become the go-to site for anyone in Stark Co. looking for activities and events focusing on all areas and interests…. big and SMALL. And it’s all FREE. 

Here is the network: ScoutStark and here is a fully running version of what we aspire to be: LiveHere . I haven’t settled on a name so the url is staying with the Ning in it for now. Please feel free to join and add friends and info. Keep in mind it’s very out of date and alot of it is filler. But poke around on there and have fun. 


"Thirst Quenching Hair Tips" #1


 It has come to my attention that many of you do not believe a thing I say until you read it in a magazine. LOL! So lucky for both of us, Marie Claire has compiled a really great list of tips on getting that hair of yours in tip top smooth shiny condition. (You will notice my already dispensed words o’ wisdom annoyingly capitalized. That’s right. I told ya so). 

Today we have tip #1, Lower the Heat: 

Summertime is ideal for air-drying hair to reveal it’s natural texture, but if you must blowdry, make sure you’re USING A NOZZLE. If you don’t use a nozzle, there is no protection—the metal mechanism is right next to your hair. The hair looks broken down, frizzy, and thin because it’s singed. BLOWDRY THE HAIR ON YOUR ARM. If it’s burning your skin, it’lll burn your hair. 

Who has witnessed my little show and tell with the heat protectors and blowdryers on my arm? If you have not, please request it at your next appointment. Then please purchase some heat protection and a nozzle. It’s not your hair color or bleach or the chlorine doing that to your hair, the frizz is from heat damage. 

Stay tuned for more tips. This list is nothing new or Earth-shattering but it is a good review of some great habits to adopt. 

Have a good hair day. I know I am! 

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